Saturday, June 14, 2008

Entering into the World of Wonders

I love to take my children to the Zoo, especially now that they are older. Tommy is 9, Monique is 8, Brett is 7 and David is 5, well he will be five on June 22. We are going to have a big party for him on the 23 of June. We have made it a custom to have big 1,5 and 8 year old b-days with Family and Friends all the other b-days are small with their friend or a b-day cake with Family. David loves to play with his older sibling and usually gets his way with them. David will be starting Kindergarten this year so he will be in the same school as the other kids. Tommy will be a 5th grader this year, and is the best big brother any kid could have. He always looking out for his younger siblings. Tommy and David share a room at the moment, and I always find David in his bed. I can find Tommy and Brett in the back yard playing baseball or Tommy playing arts and crafts with Monique. Tommy is so good about including everyone in play. When there is a problem Tommy is always trying to help solve it in a way that will make everyone happy. Monique is going into 3rd grade this year. Monique is very good about making friends and has been very good about choosing friends that are kind to every one just like her. We do have some girl moments with her now and then, but the tears usually flow when some one she cares about is hurt. She has a big hart and loves her family, she as also read half of the Book of Mormon this summer and has a strong desire to do what is right. Brett is going to be in the 2nd Grade this year he is a very good reader and will do well. Brett has the most mischief out of all my children, he has a hug imagination and very creative. I can find Brett camping in the wilderness (aka HIS ROOM) or making things, some times braking other thing to make the thing he wants to make. Brett also has a big soft hart and loves to make Tom and I happy, he tries so hard and put his all into every thing he does. Well now that my children are going to school I decided that I was going to go to school as well, I will start this fall. I haven't been this scared and nerves sense the last time I had a baby. Every thing seems like it is changing for me, all the kids in school , me going to school and hitting the 30 year mark. It doesn't seem like a lot to some people but for a stay at home mom of ten and a half years it is. I have always had kids around me. I started to baby sit when I was 9 years old and when I was 15 I was a nanny for a family with 8 kids. When I moved from WY to AZ I was a nanny for a family with 3 kids shortly after that I was married and had my own family. I baby siting in my home till this last year, I took David with me to a home that I nannied two babies at. So you can imagine what I big difference it will be in my life to be doing some thing for myself. My Family is every thing to me and I will do anything for them. I love being a mom and love being a women. Now that you have gotten to know us a bit I have lost of fun stories and pics of the wonderful things my family has done.