Saturday, August 23, 2008

I wrote a talk, and another, and another.

Well it’s late and I had to prepare for tomorrow. I was asked to talk on knowing I am a daughter of God. I know what I wanted to say and wrote my talk and then another point entered my thoughts and I wrote a different talk and just as I was finishing and reading over the General Conference talk on pg 98 I had yet another point of view and wrote, another talk. All of them go in line with the subject and I am not sure which one I will use. I think it was for me to get back on the right track and understand the strength that is there to overcome trails in every day life. It’s amazing what we can do with a good attitude.

So much to do.

I have so much to do at the moment and yet I feel like I am wading through mud. Tom has been gone for a week and a half now in Missouri working. He will be there for about a month then, come to Arizona to get me and the kids. I am so glad that Tom has found something that can work for him and has potential. I have had him home a lot the past year and was glad to see him go, or that’s what I would have told you a few days ago. I have been a part from him before, but this time I feel the weight of the world on me. The only good thing from this is that I am eating maybe once a day, don’t worry I could stand to lose some weight. I have had a hard time going to sleep and even staying asleep, not because we are moving, but not knowing how it will all happen, and then dealing with all the problems here. I have learned that life has many challenges and trials all with their own unique level of stress and difficulty, with no way to measure or account for the level of difficultness. You know, I wish that I could be scored on how well I have done and what I have accomplished. Today my score would probably be a 5/10. I have a lot that I could have done different in the past. Tom is like my coach that encourages me and helps me improve and without him here, it is more difficult.