Tuesday, December 2, 2008

David, my five year old, has said some funny things this last week. David was trying to get my attention when I was in the middle of helping Brett with his home work. He was being so inpatient and pulling at me, so I said “David hold on”. His replay was “Mom, what am I suppose to hold on to?" I don’t have any thing.” (LOL)Some times he will take forever to say a sentence and so I told him “just spit it out” so he spit, opened his mouth wide as he said “Mom, look there’s nothing in there. What do you want me to spit out?” He has also been on the “If you love it then why don’t you marry it” phase, he will go around asking every one what do you love? I all ways say I love David. The first time he said why don’t you marry me then and I said I can’t marry you, I married you dad. He was so embarrassed, so now he will say what do you love, but not me.