Friday, August 1, 2008


I love this picture of Brett!! It totally captures his spirit. I and the kids went to Wyo with my family. My cousins from Ireland and Scotland came to the States and we all went camping in Yellowstone. We had to stop to rest before heading back to the cars, it looks like Brett is trying to get a free ride back on his great cousins Gary's back. We camped, hiked and froze at Yellowstone. For some one that has grow up there I am so wimpy now when it comes to the cold. All the little monsters loved be around my relatives and picked up on some British slang's and a bit of an accent. I LOVE IT!! My cousin Kelly brought her 8 year old son over with her and my kids got a kick out of the things he said and did. Good times I tell ya. Well from the look on Brett's face you can see how much fun he had.