Thursday, November 20, 2008

So I was out to day around other people I met and they where talking about what their kids wanted for Christmas. They asked their kids if they could have just one thing what would they want and they where asking for $300-$400 things. Ok did I mention I am talking about 11 year olds? My kids are getting one thing, but I was not about to share that with them. On the way home I could just cry. At first I thought about not being able to do that for my children, and then about Tom’s parents buying us a Christmas tree last year so we would have one. Then I thought about the last two years of the simple Christmas we have had and the thing we did to make it a special season. I thought about the service we did for others and the service that was done for us. I thought about the friendship and love felt during that time and the feeling that still linger. We are not completely in a different position then we where in last year and I plan to do the something, focusing on the love of our savor and sharing that with others. I hope this is a gift that will stay with my children for ever, and when they think of Christmas they will remember the feelings of love. I am also so grateful that my children are happy and that what ever kind of Christmas they have they will be grateful. Personal I think Christmas can be over done and the reason for the season can get stiffed with all the shopping, tape, raping paper, list of gifts, line, and credit card bills. I know I sound so cynical but having both kinds of Christmas and we have had some good ones, I think it is so important to balance both the holiday and the spirit of Christmas. It’s a bit early for this but, I wish you all a very Merry Holiday Season.