Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ok I know cats have nine lives but what about lizards? Our pet lizard that we have had for a year now has been lost and found so many times. He was missing again for two weeks. I thought he was gone for sure this time. We had went to a friends to eat dinner one night and the kids had left both font and back doors open and I thought he would have got out of the house for sure. Well last night I found him in the kitchen, I was so happy to find him. I have a hard time with animals but Leo the lizard has really grown on me. We can’t lose him the kids love him so much. They will take him out to play with all the time. David will sit and watch T.V with him, Brett and Tommy will build him houses and play for hours, and Monique as slept with him a couple of times. I have to remind my children that it’s a lizard not a dog so they need to be carful with him. For sure he is loved. He is the perfect pet to have.

Moving in 13 days!!

Tom is coming home in ten days. We will be loading up that weak to move. I am getting closer every day to having every thing in boxes. I have the kid’s rooms today, cloths and toys to go through and pack. Tomorrow will be the garage. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have good friends. So many of them have been there for me with bring a pizza over, or bring me box, or just being there if I need you, I am so blessed. I cry almost every day when I think of the friends and family we will be leavening. I hope every one can be as luck to have wonderful people in their lives. Monique’s birthday is on September 13 Tom is going to surprise her for her birthday. The kids think that he is coming home on the 15, they will be so exited they have missed their dad.