Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well I have told you about the boys, you could say I am saving the best for last. Monique is the best little girl. She was awesome this last year when I had migraines, she would clean the kitchen, make dinner, and always keeps her room clean. Did I mention SHES EIGHT!! She will make a good mother and wife someday. Monique has struggled in school a little bit and has to work a little bit harder then the boys, but she has made Honor Roll twice. Monique has great taste in cloths, and will let you know if you mach or not, or if what your warring is fashionable. Monique has been a mommy’s girl from day one. I kept expecting her to change and be a daddy’s girl around three years of age, but it never happened. She was not a crudely baby at all she wanted to eat and then be put down in her own bed. To this day she will take up an entire bad no mater the size. Ok, we will have to see how the wife thing will turn out. They may have to have two beds. Monique has read half of the Book of Mormon by herself and is reading the other half with the family. I hope to have it finished when she turns nine in September. She is the only grand daughter on Tom’s side and is ready for a girl cousin ( hint, hint).