Saturday, August 29, 2009

Still alive and back in Arizona

So, we are back in Arizona with Friends and Family. We love it!! The kids are in school and I am finally in school as well. We had a great end of the summer with just one hospital visit here in AZ, Tommy is defiantly allergic to BEES, as you can tell from his swollen face.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer is here!!

Well just to let you know that I am still a live and well. The kids or out of school as of Friday, buuuuut I put them in summer school that they start on this Thursday. I know I am so meen, but I was told that they do alot of fun thing there. Well today I took my kids fishing or better to say we tryed to fish.We hiking and to a nature center. I think they had fun, we'll have to try a difrent fishing spot next time.

Monday, March 30, 2009

David eye

Brett was baptized on March 7 as planed, as most things we had a bit of a hitch. David was sick and just getting over a cold and I was hoping to send him to school on that Friday, but he woke up with a couple of cold sours around his eye. He had this before so I wasn’t too worried, but by the afternoon we where on our way to the Doctor. He gave him so meds and told me that he needs to see an ophthalmologist to check his cornea. Well so I called the ophthalmologist and they said if it is hurting him then I should bring him to the ER. Well I was worried so I got everyone settled in finished some of the last bit of things for Brett’s big day and took David to the ER. I got there at 10:30 pm and saw the Doc at 1:00. I told her I felt silly for being there and that maybe he didn’t need to be there. She looked at him and said ho no, no this is some thing to come to the ER. David ended up with a legion on his cornea. They say that is one of the most painful things to have. They completely numb his eye and gave him oxycodone for the pain. I got home at 7:30 just in time to take Tommy to Basket Ball. We then came home and got ready for Brett’s Baptism. The Doctor said that David’s eye will be numb for the next 24 hours but He started to cry during the Baptism that his I hurt and it had only been about 5 hours, I think he is like his dad when it comes to pain meds, the don’t work the way their suppose to. Well we got through the Baptism and the had a party at the park and then went to dinner with John and Jen + kids. David still has red around his eye but his cornea is better. I will have another post about Bretts Baptism with pictures.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What Next!!

Let me tells you how our February has been this year for us. We started of with our basement flooding with poor water, yes poop water!!! It came out of the garage and mud room and made its way into the family room. Our land lord said that it was up to us to fix the problem, so I spent the next couple of days cleaning carpets. I was so glad that was over!! But hold on, it couldn’t be that easy. The fridge broke, but not to worry there is one in the garage that needs a good cleaning, I spent 3 hours cleaning the stupid thing and then I plugged it in and of course it didn’t work!! Mmmmmm….. What to do. I had some one in my ward come over to check it out and he thought that the part that was broken would be covered by GE. I called and it was fixed three days latter. Well then we all got strep, Tommy got very sick and had some body pain. If any of you remember it was step that caused him to be sick 2 years ago when he was in a weal chair for the better part of 7 weeks. I was so pleased when he started to get over it with out the horrible problem from before. About one week latter Brett got chicken Pox, yes he did have the vaccine both of them. We have all had this nasty cough, chill, fever, headache, body ache crap that last for about 3 days. Well now we are into March and Monique is covered in a rash that is very itch. David has cold sours around his eyes that are so sore, poor guy. Brett turned 8 on the 3 rd and is getting baptized which is just great. My mom and dad where going to come, but my dad got hurt at work so they aren’t able to make it. They will come, just at a latter date. My house is a wreck from me being sick, but I am feeling better. Some good came out of this I had a fiend that let me use her steam cleaner for my carpets, the guy that fixed our fridge didn’t charge us for coming out, the Plummer that came out wouldn’t let us pay him, and I found a great Doc for the kids and even a better one for Tom. Brett will have his special day and both the Bishop Brick and the whole Primary Presidency will be there. I have hope that the rest of the month we will be healthy. I have seen a lot of kindness this month, how we are being looked after and how we are blessed.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well I had some inspiration this last week. Tom and I went and took pictures at a Stake Valentine Dance. I had so much fun doing the pictures and have been inspired to do some of the kids, so let me know what you think. I have always loved taking pictures and video, I was going to film school when we decided to get married. I helped produce 3 corporate films when I was 18, the money made from that went to a new T.V station for my high school. I had a great time to day with my kids and I think they had a great time as well.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Kids at the park by my house.

The kids love to walk down to the park that is right by are house. They can spend tons of time there with some much to do. They love to play on the play ground, on the running trails, but the fav is the streem that runs through the park. They try to save the fish that freeze in the water.