Friday, August 29, 2008

Run, Forest, Run!!

To night we had family dinner, it was Nancy’s Birthday. After we ate and hung out, Brad wanted to go for a run at CAC. Tommy wanted to go and so of course the rest of them wanted to go, so we went. The kids ran a race together and then we started to walk, Brad started to pass us and the kids took off running with him. I thought that they would run a lap or two but to my surprise Brett (7) ran 2 laps, Monique (9) ran 3 Laps, David (5) ran 5 laps!!!! Tommy (10) ran 7 laps!!!! For those of you that don’t know I love to run it was my thing and to see my children doing so well was so great. David stopped after the first mile for a moment then he decided to run another lap. Tommy was 1 lap short of two miles. I am going to start running with them. The best part is we got home and the kids had baths and went straight to bed with out any problems, yah.