Monday, June 16, 2008


Well my three older kids went to visit my mom and dad last week and stayed there for ten days. David got to stay home with Tom and I and was an only child. David has been such a joy and never made messes and never got into trouble. Well, that is until the older kids where gone and I saw for my self the things David gets in to. I learned that David will hide food under the couches when Tom or I walk into the room. David leave toys out and does all the things that any four year old will do. Its amazing to see how different I have been with him compared to my older children. The youngest child does get a way with a lot, I don't care how tells you other wise. David also stopped giving me kiss, and when I ask him why, he said that I was his Dads girlfriend and you cant kiss other peoples girlfriends. After a couple of days of not getting any kiss, I put my head under a blanket and told him no one will see him kiss me under the blanket and sure enough I got a nice kiss on the cheek. No matter how many times Tom and I tell him that its OK to kiss your mommy he will not do it in front of any one. David is still one of the sweetest kids, but now he has to clean up his own messes and can't blame it on Brett any more.