Tuesday, November 4, 2008

McCain doing what Obama hasn't done, serving our country. I am so sad that McCain has lost. I think we are in for it.

David had a field trip last weak to the pumpkin patch, I was luck to get to go with him. I went to his class room and he grabbed my hand and didn’t let go for the better part of the day. I had 3 kids in my group that where very pleasant to be with, it made for a good day. The place we went to has a corn maze, hay ride, petting zoo, play ground, and a pumpkin patch. We had a sack lunch out side and did all the activities. A few days after the field trip I went to his class again and helped carve pumpkins and had a little party. Hopefully I will be able to do some fun things with the other kidos.

Fall Running

Today the wind was blowing lightly making the big yellow and red leaves fall from the trees. It was about 75 degrees out and was a beautiful day so we had to go out for a run. Tom rode his bike as I ran about 3 miles. The streets and side walks are full of the colorful leaves and the wind kept it at a nice temperature to make it a very pleasant run. The hills are great and will hopefully lift areas needed lifting. I have been working out more to drop some pounds that need to come off. I have a plan of motivating events that are coming up that I think will help me to achieve my goal. I and Tom are speaking in church on Nov 30, so that should get me through November. I want to look good for Christmas pictures, Brett is getting baptized in March and we will have family here, and the big one is my brother is getting married in March and that is my deadline to achieve my goal. I think I have a good time frame and I will be able to do it. If this fall weather keeps up I should be able to get some good running in.

Brett was out side and discovered the fun of jumping in the leaves, I saw him out there and had to join in the fun he was having. All the other kids joined in and the Nabor kids came over as well. It was good fun. We really love the fall, if you can’t tell.